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Given face mask shortage crisis, Copperman specially designs two face mask storage holders, allowing you to put the mask where it is always hygienic. It is reusable and easy keeping on day to day basis. By such, we do not wrap the mask with other single-use items. And, we will not consume with panic buying and hoarding such as tissue paper, envelope and zipper bag. Copperman always appreciates with earth protecting on product design.

Copperman would become a part of everyone's life. It can reduce the risk of transmission caused by contact with any object in public. It can also narrow the risk of secondary transmission; especially harmful bacteria.


Copperman specially design two kinds of face mask holders, Mask Pad. With the concept of “zero touching” mask surface, it is the simplest way to keep the mask in a better hygiene. Copperman reassures you to wear the same mask.

Having a Copperman Mask Pad, it is to avoid any direct skin contact to the surface of bacteria on the face mask. Taking off the mask with the earlobe elastic bands, and place the mask into the Mask Pad. When the mask is sitting inside the case peacefully, the copper ions can cause a series of negative events in bacterial cells. Copper ions released from the surface have been proposed to play a major role in the bacteria inhibition effect.


Copperman face mask holder shares a similar size of a foldable wallet (Mask Clip). It not only simplifies the step from the misuse short term storage, but Copperman face mask holder is also washable and reusable. It can rinse with water followed by air drying. As if the copper metal is oxidized, it can brush/soak with toothpaste to clean the rust. It is easy for both the storage and cleaning process.

With Copperman face mask holder, the surgical mask is stored in a closed container in which bacteria will be trapped inside. The germs will not spread out to the secondary transmission. Most importantly, the copper surface can inhibit bacterial growth.