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Copperman face mask holder, Mask Pad and Mask Clip, is a temporary storage of face mask. It is made of the metal of Copper. Copper can lower the activity level of bacteria spreading wisely. After taking off the face mask, store into the Mask Pad/ Mask Clip to calm the germ activity. It allows to reuse the same mask with better hygiene condition. Copperman reassures you to wear the same mask. Last but not the least, Mask Pad/ Mask Clip can minimise the mask to spread the germs in public and narrow the risk of getting secondary transmission.


1. Ensure the face mask to be stored in Copperman is in good condition. Once damaged such as the mask has been wet or damaged, it is not suitable for use.

2. The key feature of Copperman is to suppress bacteria in the face mask holder and reduce the risk of secondary transmission of inflection. It is not to suppress bacteria on the surface and inside of the face mask.